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  • Donny Dog

Hi everyone

Sorry I have not been back sooner to update my blog. I am here now and I will be regularly barking to keep us all entertained.

It is lonely without you all at the stadium due to no games being played and I miss football. I have a sneaky kick around on the pitch when the ground staff have left (sssh don’t tell them).

Remember to keep washing your hands, we could make a 20 second song up ‘Donny Dog’s Barmy Army’….need help to finish it.

I have been regularly having a wash so I am nice and fresh for when you all return to see me and the team.

I enjoyed my trip to the Rovers140 pop-up hub back in February and was great seeing all my number one fans. I even got to dance my special moves which impressed everybody. If you missed out you can see it on my twitter page by clicking here!

Get thinking about a 20 second song that I can nod my head to whilst we all wash our paws (I mean hands). You can send your song suggestions to me on email at donnydog@clubdoncaster.co.uk

I will be back soon so keep coming back to see what I bark about next.

Look after each other, see you soon.

Lots of Woof!

Donny Dog

I will be making a half-term appearance at the Rovers140 pop-up hub in Frenchgate on Thursday February 20.

Arriving at 10:30am, you can all meet and greet me for an amazing o-paw-tunity for autographs and to snap some photos.

I'm turning up with all my best dance moves and bundles of joy, ready to give everyone a high five. Don't forget to join me in colouring in, I've already seen all the posters you lot have left on the wall and I woof them!

What a great day this is going to be! I'm a busy dog and can only stay from 10:30-11:30am. The pop-up hub is located at Frenchgate, Doncaster, opposite New Look and River Island.

See you soon, lots of woof

D - Dog!

  • Donny Dog

Hi everyone,

Donny Dog here!  I’m writing this to let you know that there is no DDTV episode on Monday October 7 – that’s because the DDTV team and I have joined up with the Club Doncaster Foundation and my friends Parky the Lion, Eric the Viking, and Alfie May for a special episode which will be released on Thursday, October 10 – World Mental Health Day. 

While you’re here on my website, why don’t you have a look around at all the cool things you can do? Download some colouring sheets, order a Donny’s Deli, or plan your next trip to the Keepmoat Stadium.

Lots of woof!

Donny Dog.