Hello everyone!

I'm Donny Dog, how are you today?  I'm the official mascot of Doncaster Rovers FC and I live in my kennel in the Club Doncaster Foundation family stand here at the Keepmoat Stadium. It's a very special kennel, and you might have already seen it! In case you haven't, I invite all my special friends (that's YOU) to visit every matchday! If you are coming for the very first time, don't forget to let me know and I might just surprise you on the day, 

 I love my first time fans!


My kennel is a pretty cool place to hang out, even if I do say so myself.

I've got comfy beanbags, games consoles where we can play FIFA 19 together, fresh fruit for when you get a little bit hungry , as well as my own colouring tables and blackboard, where you can draw me a masterpiece or leave me a message! You might even bump into a few familiar footballing faces!

You'll also see me around the stadium before and during the match - so don't be afraid to say hi! I LOVE selfies and I might even have one of my special gingerbread bone biscuits to share.

I LOVE to run out with the teams just before kick off, but don't worry, I come right back to see my special friends in the stands. By the way, I LOVE to floss as much as I love football, so if you see me, don't forget to show me your moves!







I've even got my own email address, and I promise I'll write back - so drop me a line!  - if you are under 18 years of age, please ask your parent or guardians permission before emailing me. Tell me who your favourite player is, or you could colour me in here and send it to me!

I love tweeting too and you can follow my weekly news and adventures on twitter here.




I'm a very busy doggy at half time. You will see me on the pitch saving penalties with our little kickers, and then I have to rush off to deliver all of my Deli orders, that's right, I have my own Donny's Deli and I can deliver your snacks right to your seat. Told you I was a busy doggy!

Oh! did you know you can join my squad? It's TOTALLY FREE and you'll get super ticket prices, invitations to my parties and so much more. If you are aged 11 years and under you can join DONNY'S SQUAD here, and if you are a bit bigger and 12 to 17 years old, you can join the RED SQUAD here. 


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